BlueWise Marine advises on the education agenda for Ireland’s offshore wind industry development

Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) have set up an “Industry Advisory Group” to help develop an Offshore Wind master’s degree in collaboration with University College Cork (UCC). Rogério Chumbinho, Director and Senior Project Manager at BlueWise Marine, joined the Advisory Group to input into the design of the new M.Sc. curriculum, with advice and suggestions on required and optional modules of the emerging master’s course that best fits industry needs. The Group includes several offshore wind developers, consultants and supply chain actors who are members at WEI as well as representatives from academia. 

I am delighted to be a part of this concerted effort to promote and create the enabling conditions to meet Ireland’s climate commitments,” said Rogério Chumbinho. 

The purpose of this work is to propose a suitable curriculum covering the different areas that junior and medium-level professionals in the offshore wind industry should be proficient in or, at a minimum, have the necessary knowledge to help advance the industry. These areas are diverse, ranging from engineering to economy and finance, including spatial marine planning and seabed surveying. Programme graduates will be “all-rounders” acquainted with the main challenges they will face in each of the above areas and be aware of the key solutions that can be applied in collaboration with other experts in their teams. 

By investing in offshore wind education, Ireland can develop a skilled workforce that is equipped to handle the complexities of offshore wind projects. This includes knowledge in areas such as engineering, energy finance, project management, environmental impact assessment, and offshore operations. By nurturing a knowledgeable workforce, Ireland can attract offshore wind developers, create job opportunities, and boost its domestic economy while contributing to the global fight against climate change. 

Offshore wind education can also foster innovation and research capabilities in Ireland. As the offshore wind industry continues to evolve, there is a need for ongoing technological advancements and research to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of offshore wind farms. By investing in education and research programs focused on offshore wind, Ireland can become a hub for innovation in the sector. This can lead to the development of new technologies, improved offshore wind farm designs, and the identification of best practices for offshore wind deployment. Such advancements not only benefit Ireland’s own offshore wind industry but can also be shared globally, positioning Ireland as a leader in offshore wind research and development.