BlueWise Marine teams up with Farra Marine

BlueWise Marine is delighted to announce that it is now acting as a broker for Farra Marine to secure charters for its fleet of state-of-the-art Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs). Farra Marine’s WindFlex-27 has been designed by Incat Crowther and offers excellent speed, deadweight and seakeeping, making them capable of many roles in the Offshore Wind industry.

Farra Orla is due to be delivered to Ireland in September 2021 and is the first of Farra Marine’s fleet of 12 vessels, which are due for completion by 2024. The demand for this larger class of modern CTVs is set to soar as the UK and Europe set targets to build 40GW and 60GMW of offshore wind respectively by 2030. Developers of offshore wind projects in Ireland, the UK and Europe wishing to secure access to this fleet of vessels for their projects should contact BlueWise Marine immediately.

The design features a 27m by 9m platform which can support a deadweight capacity in excess of 50 Ton, offering flexibility in terms of fuel and deck cargo transfers. The design has BV approval and features 86m2 of deck space on the foredeck and a 20 Ton cargo capacity. The vessel can be configured for either 12 or 24 passengers and crew accommodation is fully MLC compliant. The design benefits from the use of Incat Crowther’s bow fendering system designed to maximise wave height limits for transfer, whilst minimising impact loads. The vessel features two working decks. A large working deck forward can accommodate up to 4 x 10ft containers or 2 x 20 ft containers and is equipped with a deck crane. The aft deck can accommodate a 10ft container. Both decks feature multiple tie-down points for flexibility, accommodating every possible requirement for spares and equipment.

John Breslin, Managing Director of BlueWise Marine said “We are delighted to assist Farra Marine to secure charters for its fleet of WindFlex-27 Crew Transfer Vessels. Having been responsible for securing charters for a fleet of Incat Crowther CTVs in the past, I can vouch that these vessels are designed to be “best in class” and, with the combined experience of the team at Farra Marine and BlueWise Marine, they will be operated to the highest levels of efficiency and safety”.

Martin Rice, CEO of Farra Marine said “This collaboration is great news for the supply chain here in Ireland, with a focus on the wider European markets. We see this relationship as a positive step for both parties. There is a demand for energy transition globally, and Farra Marine aims to be the  preferred supplier in offshore wind’s part in that move.

Farra Orla