Strategic and technical advisory

CMMI-MaRITeC-X Phase 2

The H2020 project MaRITeC-X was successful in moving to a phase 2 project in 2019.

CMMI-MaRITeC-X was awarded a €15M grant under the Coordination and Support Action H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-2020 call of the European Commission. The project’s main objective is to establish a Centre of Excellence for Marine and Maritime Research in Cyprus (the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute, CMMI) within the next seven years, driven by the needs of industry and society. In this initiative, the Marine Institute and BlueWise Marine are partnering with Cypriot government bodies (Municipality of Larnaka), private companies and organizations (GeoImaging Ltd., the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean, SignalGenerix Ltd. and the Limassol Chamber of Commerce), as well as with the University of Southampton, UK.

The CMMI is not just another research organization, but it is also:

  1. Α global centre for knowledge, research, technology, and product development;
  2. Α global centre for innovation and entrepreneurship;
  3. Α global training and education centre;
  4. Α centre for social and cultural transformation;
  5. Α global centre for start-up businesses;

The Institute will be based in Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean, an island with a strong maritime tradition, and dynamic local industry; on the crossroads of three continents and major maritime routes. CMMI will develop globally excellent, purpose-built facilities, technological and human infrastructure, to support all blue economy actors without exception. The research and innovation activities of the Centre will be aligned with the Smart Specialization Strategy of Cyprus (S3Cy), as well as with European Union and global priorities in blue economy sectors. CMMI will promote partnerships, globally, among top academic and research institutions and businesses, helping to address the needs of businesses, countries, and regions in blue economy activities. The CMMI aims to become the partner of choice for all blue economy development activities at the local, regional, European, and global levels.

You can visit the MaRITeC-X Project website here