Strategic and technical advisory


The COLUMBUS project intends to capitalise on the EC’s significant research by ensuring accessibility and uptake of research Knowledge Outputs by end-users (policy, industry, science and wider society). COLUMBUS will ensure measurable value creation from research investments contributing to sustainable Blue Growth within the timeframe of the project.

Adopting proven methodologies and building on significant past work, COLUMBUS will first identify end-user needs and priorities. It will then set about identifying and collecting “Knowledge Outputs” from past and current EC projects. Rigorous analysis will take place to identify specific applications and end-users. Transfer will be achieved and measured through tailor-made knowledge transfer. All knowledge collected will be made accessible the pre-existing Marine Knowledge Gate. SmartBay will be involved with a strong pan-European consortium including PLOCAN, CEFAS and ICES.


The COLUMBUS Project has 26 partners: BIM Ireland, AquaTT Ireland, EurOcean Portugal, DTU Aqua Denmark, Juelich Germany, MSE UK, Aquark Greece, SMARTBAY Ireland, Plocan Spain, Innovatec Spain, VLiZ Belgium, CEFAS UK, EuroGOOS Belgium, CETMAR Spain, Aquatera Scotland, Seascape consultants UK, ECMAR, EAS, UPMC, NERC-NOC, MDCE, Nausicaa, NTNU, UEFISCDI, CMT and ICES