Strategic and technical advisory

Sea Power Ltd. Wave Energy Device Demonstration

Sea Power Ltd. is a marine R&D engineering company based in Ireland. With funding from Sustainable Authority of Ireland, the company completed trials of their wave energy device at the Smartbay Test Site in 2016. The intermediate scale (1:5) Seapower Platform was constructed by Foynes Engineering Ltd. in Foynes Port, Co Limerick. The device was then towed by Atlantic Towage Ltd. to Galway Harbour for final testing and instrumentation. The device and its moorings were then deployed and commissioned at the SmartBay Test Site. The trials took place from the end of October 2016 until March 2017, when the platform was decommissioned. The WEC operated successfully on site throughout the trial, surviving multiple storms on the site demonstrating its survivability during a winter deployment.

Scope of Work

BlueWise Marine provided the following range of project management supports to this project:

  • Coordination of planning meetings
  • Review of HSEQ documentation
  • Ensuring adherence to the SmartBay Test Site Procedures Manual
  • Ensuring adherence to the Guidelines for Documentation Requirement for Wave Energy Devices at the Smartbay Test Site
  • Coordination of Third-Party Verification of the design, build and deployment of the wave energy device
  • Engagement with the Marine Survey Office
  • Test Site User Contracting

For further information see the Test Site website: