Strategic and technical advisory

SmartBay Sub-Sea Cabled Observatory

In 2015 the Smartbay Test Site increased its offering to the marine science and technology community by establishing a sub-sea cabled observatory. The observatory platform is powered by a hybrid optical/electrical cable to shore, which provides power to, and receives data from, a number of permanently deployed sensors, including a high-definition camera which constantly monitors the marine environment at the test site. 

The Sub-Sea Cabled Observatory includes:

  • A fibre optic data and 400V DC power cable;
  • High speed communications via 2 pairs of optical fibres;
  • A sub-sea cabled sensor platform which hosts a variety of sensors and equipment which can be tested and demonstrated in near real-time.

Scope of Work

BlueWise Marine, working with the Marine Institute, Science Foundation Ireland and other stakeholders, played an integral role in the scoping, planning, design and establishment of the Smartbay Sub-Sea Cabled Observatory and its set of instruments. This infrastructure was deployed on the test site in August 2015. Our current work with the Sub-Sea Cabled Observatory includes:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Building and maintaining a pipeline of technology developers
  • Maintaining accreditation under the ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 standards
  • Client management and project coordination
  • Cabled Observatory User Contracting