Stakeholder engagement and promotion

Flotation Energy / Offshore Wind Limited: Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategy Development

Flotation Energy commissioned BlueWise Marine to produce Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Strategies for two prospective offshore windfarm projects off the South and East coasts of Ireland. Flotation Energy and Cobra Instalaciones Servicios, S.A are collaborating through a joined venture to deliver these projects and have established the companies Greystones Offshore Wind Ltd. Windfarm Limited and Blackwater Offshore Wind Ltd. Windfarm Limited to deliver the two potential renewable energy developments. The communications and engagement strategies will be used to support their stakeholder engagement and communications activities related to the developments.  

The scope of work included stakeholder identification and analysis, stakeholder risk identification and assessment, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement planning.  

The potential developments have different locations and technologies used, fixed and floating, so our communications and engagement plans and strategies considered inherently different elements, ensuring each strategy was fit for purpose and tailored to the local context.  

At BlueWise Marine adheres to open, transparent, and honest approach in all our stakeholder engagement activities. We actively encourage, facilitate, and promote inclusivity and accessibility when delivering this service to ensure all stakeholders can have the opportunity to engage with the relevant project.    

Services included:  

  • Stakeholder Analysis (Stakeholder Identification and mapping) 
  • Stakeholder Engagement Risk Identification and Assessment  
  •  Development of Communications Strategic Plan 
  • Development of Stakeholder Engagement Plan 
  • Policy Review and Analysis 
  • Stakeholder Engagement planning meetings