Environmental assessment and planning

Scoping study on lobster hatchery development in Ireland for ESB

BlueWise Marine was contracted by ESB to undertake a scoping study and produce a report on the development of a lobster hatchery in Ireland. The findings of the scoping study informed a roadmap for lobster hatchery development in Ireland and provided ESB with an insight into the capabilities of a lobster hatchery to contribute to stock and ecological enhancement strategies to accompany the company’s future offshore renewable energy installations. During this study we consulted with current and former lobster hatcheries in Ireland and the UK, and we reviewed the available latest literature on the husbandry of European lobsters. 

Our study concluded that establishing a lobster hatchery may offer unique ecological enhancement contributions and other benefits; however, it is difficult to accurately evaluate these benefits as some are intangible. At the same time, lobster hatcheries are generally well-received by communities, and can become centres for research, public outreach and tourism. 

 Scope of Work: 

  •  Review of and engagement with current and previous lobster hatcheries 
  • Identification of suitable techniques, equipment and facilities 
  •  Review of current regulatory regime 
  •  Identification of potential partners 
  •  Preparation of an indicative roadmap for development of lobster hatcheries at different scales 
  • Preparation and writing of scoping report