BlueWise Marine Ltd. supports its clients by providing a comprehensive approach to the development, management and promotion of marine and offshore renewable projects and initiatives. We work with industry, government and academic clients operating within the blue economy. Our established reputation and experience in specialised marine services and community engagement and communications, coupled with our extensive network connections, will deliver your concept or project into a commercial reality and success.

Our Vision

“To be the partner of choice in the global blue economy, building a better future.”

Company History

Since 2012, BlueWise Marine has been helping technology developers to progress their innovative technologies, through trial, demonstration and validation projects. We are at the forefront of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) innovation and demonstration having helped many Irish and international companies to create “value-driven solutions for a low carbon world”. BlueWise Marine currently supports the management of the SmartBay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site in Galway Bay, Ireland. Our team, who are qualified in areas such as marine science, engineering and community engagement, provides a range of technical and operational project management supports. These include project development, client management, community engagement and promotional services to clients such as Ireland’s Marine Institute and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. BlueWise Marine is well positioned to assist companies to develop, install and operate Offshore Wind, Wave, Tidal and Floating Solar projects.

Company Milestones - Timeline

SmartBay Ireland incorporated to support the establishment of the SmartBay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site.
We won our first EU funded project - MariaBOX.
Partner in the establishment of the cabled underwater observatory at the SmartBay test site.
Achieved ISO accreditation for HSEQ management system.
Successful deployment of the Sea Power Wave Energy Converter at the SmartBay test site.
Established permanent Community Liaison presence at the SmartBay test site.
Opened an office at the GMIT iHUBs Galway.
To date we have partnered in 16 EU funded projects.
Developed and delivered over 55 projects with Industry and Academia since 2012.

Our Mission

“We partner with our clients to ensure their success through our comprehensive approach to the development, management and promotion of their blue economy projects.”

Our Values


We will act with integrity in all our business dealings and local engagement activities.


We will always respect our colleagues, clients, communities and the environment in all of our dealings and accept accountability for our actions.


We will act responsibly with respect to the safety of our employees, clients and the general public and will consider the impact of our operations on the environment.


We will consistently strive to deliver our services to the highest professional standards.

Work Satisfaction

We take our work seriously and professionally whilst enjoying what we do.

What Our Clients Say