BlueWise Marine specialises in providing infrastructure, project, marketing and funding support services for marine and offshore renewable energy projects and initiatives. We work with government, industry and academic clients, in partnership with local communities. Our end-to-end approach to service delivery allows our clients to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that our team will manage their assets and projects to the highest standards, in a safe, efficient, social and environmentally conscious manner.

Marine Infrastructure Management

Experts in marine infrastructure management.

BlueWise Marine offers a range of services to support the safe and efficient management of Test Sites and Marine & Maritime Infrastructures and Facilities. Our typical services include:

  • HSEQ management to ISO Standards
  • Operations and Access Procedures Development
  • Community Engagement strategies
  • Site access contracts
  • Supply chain selection and engagement
  • Marketing and promotion (digital and traditional)
  • Pipeline development and management
  • Project management
  • Reporting

Find examples of our Marine Infrastructure Management Services on our projects page.

Features & Benefits

Increase your business pipeline by accessing our established network of ORE projects and technology developers.

Rely on our marine infrastructure experience to manage risks and ensure successful project delivery.

Increase local support by relying on our strategy of early, sustained and transparent community and stakeholder engagement.

Be assured by our safe and efficient work practices based on an established and ISO accredited HSEQ management system and our safety-first culture.

Marine Infrastructure Management

Offshore Renewable Energy Support

Dedicated to supporting Ireland’s transition to net zero.

BlueWise Marine has an established reputation and extensive experience in supporting the development of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) projects involving offshore wind, wave, tidal, airborne wind and floating solar technologies. Our unique end-to-end range of services include:

  • Site selection and feasibility studies
  • Coordinate resource assessment and environmental monitoring
  • Consenting and permitting
  • Public consultation support
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Supply chain engagement and procurement
  • HSEQ management to ISO Standards
  • Fisheries liaison
  • Environmental Surveys – Fish, Birds and Marine Mammals 

Find examples of our ORE Support Services on our projects page.

Features & Benefits

Depend on our technical expertise and understanding of Ireland’s offshore environment to streamline your project development and reduce time to market.

Reduce your project costs by relying on our experience with local supply chain companies operating in Ireland’s marine sector.

Use our knowledge of consenting and permitting processes to accelerate your project.

Rely on our marine experience and ISO accreditations to manage risks and ensure successful project delivery.

Increase local support by relying on our strategy of early, sustained and transparent community and stakeholder engagement. We take a science based approach in our engagement with fishing communities.

Offshore Renewable Energy Support

Marketing & Engagement

Build support through communication and engagement.

BlueWise Marine provides a range of marketing, communications, and engagement services for established and emerging blue economy organisations. Our service offerings include:

  • Digital and traditional marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Website content development and management
  • Community engagement
  • Strategy development
  • Event/conference coordination
  • Industry network coordination
  • Project management
  • Promotion

Find out more about our Funding Proposal Support from our projects page.

Features & Benefits

Promote your project with a communications team who understands your specialist marine content.

Benefit from our proven community engagement approach to remove barriers and increase support for your project.

Rely on our digital and traditional marketing experience, to increase awareness and understanding of your project.

Work with our experienced bilingual communications team, who know how to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences.

Increase your capacity to deliver seamless marine events, by relying on our end-to-end coordination and promotion skills.

Marketing & Engagement

Funding Proposal Support

Finding and securing the right funding solution for you.

We assist businesses to commercialise technologies for the marine technology, sciences and Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sectors by identifying National, Regional and European funding opportunities, and coordinating funding proposals. Our typical services include:

  • Funding identification (grant, equity, debt)
  • Consortium building
  • Preparation of funding applications
  • Proposal writing
  • Project coordination
  • Project management
  • Networking

Find out more about our Funding Proposal Support from our projects page.

Features & Benefits

Rely on our knowledge of National and EU R&D programmes to help you identify suitable funding opportunities, to support your technology or project.

We will use our established network to help you find the right project partners to build a winning consortium.

Increase your company’s capacity for securing project funding by relying on our experienced team to coordinate all aspects of the proposal.

Rely on our proven project management experience to coordinate and deliver a successful project, while you focus on your technology or project development.

Funding Proposal Support