BlueWise Marine completed a scoping study of lobster hatcheries in Ireland for ESB.

The findings of the scoping study informed a roadmap for lobster hatchery development in Ireland and provided ESB with an insight into stock and ecological enhancement strategies to accompany the company’s future offshore renewable energy installations. Since its founding in 1927, ESB has been Ireland’s leading energy provider.

Lobster hatcheries are usually established to raise juvenile lobsters through their most vulnerable stages to then release them into the sea. Focusing on the European Lobster (Homarus gammarus), the study covered all technical, operational, biological, and financial aspects of establishing a lobster hatchery. It also included a review of the regulatory framework governing lobster hatchery management. The study was developed in consultation with existing hatcheries, scientific organisations, and government agencies.

Commenting on the study, Brian Hegarty, ESB’s Offshore Wind Stakeholder Manager, said: “ESB recognises the importance of protecting Ireland’s lobster stock and we welcome the findings of this scoping study by BlueWise Marine. ESB remains committed to gaining further insights in relation to lobster and other marine species as we progress our offshore renewable energy projects in Irish waters.”